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Website Redesign

Is your website sluggish and unattractive? Are you losing visitors and potential supporters because of an outdated and unsecure website? It’s time to give your website the care and attention it deserves.


Your website is like a car that needs regular maintenance and updates to perform its best. A neglected and under-performing website gives a bad impression to visitors, frustrating and turning them away.

Outdated design, slow loading times, poor functionality can hurt your online presence and your business, by turning away potential supporters, donors and volunteers.

In the digital times we live in, a sub-par website simply won’t cut it.

Let our team transform your website from drab to fab.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive audit to determine areas to be addressed. We’ll give it the necessary tweaks under the hood and a fresh new design.

Don’t let your website hold you back.

Give it some TLC and get it up to speed, literally and figuratively, with Pawsitive Impact’s Website Redesign services.

from $ 690

Starter Website

A beautiful, optimised and mobile-responsive website with the essentials for a small rescue group. Ideal for rescues which have been in operation for a few years, game for change and willing to learn.