Ling McDonald

Ling McDonald is a social entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in the social and business sectors in Australia and Singapore.

Inspired by her experience rescuing a stray mama cat and her kittens and concerned about the plight of unowned cats and dogs, she founded Sustainable Pet as an enterprise to help tackle the waste and recycling problem and support animal rescue Australia.

Pawsitive Impact is the service arm which seeks to help small rescues boost their capacity for impact by leveraging the web and digital tools.

Before embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, Ling worked in international development and humanitarian aid for nearly a decade. She managed projects and programs on community health, disaster preparedness/recovery, and organisational strengthening. Working with partners and counterparts across Asia has equipped her with insights about complex social issues and the ability to navigate challenging environments.

Before transitioning to the not-for-profit sector, Ling worked in PR and communications, helping clients secure media coverage and achieve other marketing objectives.

She began her career as a teacher, working with young people in and outside the classroom. This laid the groundwork for her continuing passion to help others achieve their potential and contribute to positive social change.

She has an arts degree and post-graduate qualifications in education, environment and social impact.